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Lowest Fee Package starting from RM11,800 and ISO Certification within 1 Month!

Armed with 20 years of experience in ISO consultancy, training and auditing, we believe in fast-tracked, lean and result-oriented approach with minimum paperwork in handling all types of ISO projects.

We have assisted clients from various sectors including manufacturing, service, construction and non-profit organisation in achieving ISO certification.


Our Services

ISO 9001 Quality Management System

ISO 37001 Anti-Bribery Management Systems

ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems

ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems


Why Choose Us

Associate Certification Panel – UKAS and DSM

Lowest Fee – Package from RM11,800

Guaranteed 100% Passing Rate

Fast (Management System Build & Get Certified within 1 Month )

Lifetime Online Consultancy

Basic Management System with Minimum Paperwork


‘’ Really Fast ! I received my ISO9001 Certificate within 1 month right after I start my Project ‘’

‘’ Cheap! All in, I only pay RM11,800 net to achieve my ISO9001 Certificate”

“One stop DOE solution, scheduled waste area, chimney approval done within 3 months with minimum  cost’’

“ No bullshit, no wasting time, direct to the question we asked, straight to the solution we get”


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Lowest Fee Package starting from RM11,800 and ISO Certification
within 1 Month!

Maintain your Management System even after Certified 


  • We believe everything starts from the basics. We build the most simple and basic Management System so that our client can easily follow, comply, and pass the Certification Audit. 
  • We also have strong alliance with the Certification Body and keep close communication with them, therefore we know accurately what the requirements of the Certification Audit are.

1. How can EasyISO do it all in one month?

  • Yes, we organise a Free-of-Charge (FOC) Live Training every 6 months that is conducted by an appointed trainer to explain matters related to ISO Requirement with examples.

2. Can I maintain my Management System after certification? 

  • No, participants are provided with unlimited access to join the FOC Live Training. You can always assign new employees to join the live training as long as you maintain the Certification with our recommended Certification Body.

3. Do I need to pay extra to maintain the Management System?

  • No, we understand the main focus and requirement of ISO Standard. We have simplified the ISO practices and we will guide you through using the easiest way to comply with the Standard. We have FOC Live Training every year for you to maintain your ISO Certification.

4. Do I need to pay more to engage ABMS Consultant or Trainer?  

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